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6:01pm 01-17-2023
Your essay mentioning Alma Sejdini made me cry ;_;
Amazingly said!
Replied on: 4:16pm 01-19-2023

I am so glad I'm not the only one that knows about her on here!! Thank you so much <3

1:36pm 01-13-2023
è ufficialmente l'anno del cunèl.... ciapelo
Replied on: 2:50pm 01-17-2023

ostia can l'è vera

7:21am 11-02-2022
Such a wonderful website! It seems you have perfectly nailed a mix of different aesthetics, which I like a lot.

Best of luck!
Replied on: 9:24pm 11-02-2022

hello friend .. thanks for the kind words. i had a look at your blog too and it is now one of my favorites (*/ω\*) good night!!!

4:41pm 09-19-2022
bacini e buon ritorno in uni ;;
Replied on: 11:04pm 09-21-2022

grazie tesoro anche a te <3

9:48am 09-02-2022
Učiš hrvatski?? Zašto haha
Nice site btw
Replied on: 12:48am 09-03-2022

Hvala lijepa!!! Eng reply I'm too fried to try ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ lss I've been planning to revisit many places across the adriatic so I want to learn basic hr/bs/sr grammar beforehand. Plus I like learning languages just for the sake of learning. Keeps the brain exercised

11:39pm 06-27-2022
Sto facendo un giro tra "link amici" su siti in giro, ho trovato il tuo, davvero carino. Se ci fossero più cose in italiano sarebbe anche più bello per me, purtroppo ne trovo pochi di siti fatti a mano e scritti in italiano ad oggi, è una cosa che mi intristisce.
Replied on: 11:29pm 06-28-2022

Grazie! Stavo pensando di scrivere in entrambe le lingue anche per trovare più italiani, ma purtroppo ne conosco solo due su neocities ecc. Lascia pure il tuo indirizzo, se ti va.

5:51pm 05-27-2022
Aala.l la gallina <°
E il gatto
° °
4:59pm 05-27-2022
che mood pazzesco...
10:44pm 02-14-2022
"No." Stalin said in a rough voice. "Leave that on."

Trotsky dropped his hands to his sides at once and stood there, naked, confused and awkward, as Stalin pointed at his desk.

"Bend over it."

Trotsky obliged, placing his vulnerable neck against the cold wood of the desk and waited tensely for the deadly blow. He fidgeted, his hands twitched on the desk. He was ready to die, he was ready to have his skull split by the force of the ice pick, but instead of his head, Trotsky felt the cold metal of the ice pick teasing his anal sphincter. He jerked up, he wanted to look behind him, but in that moment the ice pick pushed at him and penetrated him entirely. He felt Stalin's warm hand caress his supple buttocks. His mind was awash with conflicted emotions. Initially he had thought Stalin had come to assassinate him, that his time was up and all was doomed. But this was something different. And he liked it.
10:25pm 02-14-2022
non siamo riconosciutu come cittadinu effettivamente
come se noi fossimo malatu
questa è una GRAVISSIMA violazione dei diritti umani-
10:05pm 02-14-2022
11:48pm 02-02-2022
che carino questo sito
9:46am 01-14-2022
bascini padaniii
7:25pm 12-24-2021
auguronii iii buone feste questo messaggio promozionale è offerto da supermercati tosano